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In order to achieve our aim (whilst many existing organisations have chosen to no longer listen to the sound advice and wisdom that is constantly sourced from the spirit world), this organisation will work in close collaboration and cooperation with SPIRIT, striving constantly to enhance and raise mediumistic standards, so that these standards remain professional and non-fraudulent at all times.

The Organisation will remain in the Non-Profit category, whilst raising funds for good causes. From time to time, the ISSMPI will run workshops and lectures to enlighten individuals and help keep the highest ethics and standards within the organisation. The workshops will be taught by registered members of the ISSMPI and though expenses for teachers will be covered, finances will be used for good causes or to further the cause of the ISSMPI.

The Organisation will run a programme of accreditation for mediums to ensure that only the very highest standards of quality (and evidence of post-mortem survival) are met within all forms of mediumship.

The Organisation will also undertake investigations (by accredited mediums only) to help individuals who may suffer from paranormal and/or spiritual issues, using a scientifically-based spiritual approach.

The Board Members remain apolitical and every decision made within the organisation will be discussed and agreed by the board members. Board members will have the final say on all ISSMPI business.


The ISSMPI has particular goals in mind when it comes to how we will use our funding and the money we raise from fund raising events. We intend to use the funding in four key areas.

  • ISSMPI Research
  • Funds for Good Causes on a local scale
  • Research Grants to suitably qualified groups and researchers

The ISSMPI is non profit and will always work ethically and help to ensure that our funds are used wisely. The money is held in a central location and is only available to the board members who have the financial responsibility within the organization.

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