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A Spiritual Organization dedicated to Mediumship Standards, Afterlife research, psychical research and support of research and development to understand the roles of Psi in service to humanity is the cornerstone of our organization.


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We are dedicated to mediumship standards and getting the best out of our mediums so they give the best in service to the grieving.


Research is a main focus within our organization. Mediumship, afterlife, parapsychology and bridging science and spirit.


We are dedicated to educating the public and our developing mediums and we are in the process of moving forward with our education plans.


Our members, both professional mediums, researchers, churches and organizations now have a home in our custom directory.


The Library is in development at the moment. This will allow researchers and the public to access information freely.


We have Ministers within the ISSMPI who are ordained and have the requisite experience in serving churches throughout the globe.


The ASSMPI (ISSMPI) publishing is under development, especially in disseminating quality information in the forms of media publishing.


The new podcast is currently underway and will feature many of our members to give the public to learn about the work and the research.

News Announcements



The board of the ASSMPI and ISSMPI respectfully have unanimously voted to immediately cease all certifications of physical mediumship and move to a research-based

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Members Thoughts

“ISSMPI is so very important to me in its striving to improve the sad decline in mediumship. We need to improve the quality of mediumship for ourselves and for those who need the evidence that brings so much joy and comfort.”
Leo Bonomo
helen duncan

Helen Duncan School Of Mediumship

The Helen Duncan School for mediumship and afterlife studies will soon be fully operational. This school will include masterclasses and studies in relation to mediumship development and spiritualism. Classes will be taught by ISSMPI teachers and Invited guests. The Academy will be free to all ISSMPI members.

Mediumship Academy and Afterlife Studies. For Members Only.

Recommended Books

Mediumship Standards and Research.

Spirit, Standards and Spiritual Science.

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