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The board of the ASSMPI and ISSMPI respectfully have unanimously voted to immediately cease all certifications of physical mediumship and move to a research-based model with designated research centers and mediums.

With the current climate, the negativity surrounding physical mediumship is uncontrollable, and therefore our interest is to move forward in a more productive investigative and research-based model. We feel that there are more benefits to moving toward research and reporting in media-related assets, such as magazines and journals than trying to certify what is already highly questionable and is under continual scrutiny. There is clearly a greater need for a research modality to investigate and further develop our knowledge of this aspect of mediumship that can help us understand and support continual development in this field.

We will, therefore, continue to support our research centers and help to develop research groups moving forward with a directive to log and report in research journals, both online and in print, our findings and developments of this aspect of mediumship, as well as to develop a support model for developing mediums and groups.

The ASSMPI and respective supporting organizations will continue their role in mental, trance, grief and psychical research but will no longer be involved in testing or certification of physical mediumship whatsoever. The development of research mediums, research groups, and study groups will become more of a focal aspect of continuing the interest in this field and our continuing development in media interests will support further development in this area.

We will develop a research methodology and protocol with noted researchers and research mediums and have this available to any groups or mediums interested in this field of study. Our current focus will change, our website and portals will change and will include our international interests and support and our logo and our seals will also be changed to support our current and re-focused direction.


Sept 2018

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We are delighted to report that Dr Terrence Palmer Phd has confirmed his appointment to spearhead the new ASSMPI-PID (Parapsychological Intervention Division)

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