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We are delighted to report that Dr Terrence Palmer Phd has confirmed his appointment to spearhead the new ASSMPI-PID (Parapsychological Intervention Division) with ASSMPI founder Jock Brocas. This appointment marks a milestone in research and intervention response and education for professional establishments and medium’s. Dr Palmer’s experience will be invaluable in focussing research and project driven development into various areas of parapsychological enquiry.

We are excited that we are moving forward with our plans and professionals such as Dr Palmer see the ASSMPI as an invaluable organization to help develop serious research and standards into focussed mediumistic and parapsychological enquiry. This is only the beginning of what we feel will be an invaluable contribution to science and spirit.

Dr Terrence Palmer Terence Palmer has a degree in Psychology from Canterbury Christ Church University and a Master’s degree in the study of Mysticism and Religious Experience from Kent University. He has been a hypnotherapist for 20 years and a spirit release practitioner for 12 years. His doctorate was awarded by the University of Wales at Bangor for his thesis on the scientific conceptual framework and research methods of nineteenth-century researcher F.W.H. Myers. He is the first practitioner to be awarded a PhD on the topic of Spirit Release Therapy in the UK. Terence is a member of The Society for Psychical Research and The Scientific and Medical Network, and he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. Dr Palmer is an active lecturer in encouraging UK institutions to take up the challenge to test the efficacy of Spirit Release Therapy under controlled conditions.

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The board of the ASSMPI and ISSMPI respectfully have unanimously voted to immediately cease all certifications of physical mediumship and move to

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