Should You Apply For Accreditation

The ASSMPI/ISSMPI will shortly be reconvening, a series of accreditation tests for mediums. These tests will be purely voluntary and will help to raise the standards of mediumship and its associated skills throughout the world. Accreditation exams will take place twice a year and will be limited by number of applicants. We will announce more information as it becomes available.

Accreditation is a necessary thing for not only the public who would seek professional mediums, but also for the mediums who wish to remain at the highest levels of standards within mediumship. This will ensure that any medium offers those he or she would deal with on a daily basis – accreditation to a professional organization that will give the client some peace of mind knowing they have approached a real professional.


One of the most important things is the level of evidential communication. It is important that mediums understand what constitutes good evidence and poor evidence.


One thing that is lacking with mediumship standards is the understanding and responsibility that comes with the Job. Many mediums do not know what level of responsibility they have and are very poor in handling the information they are given.


Delivery of information is very important and this is one of the most important skills a medium should have. This is a written and oral test.

If you are a medium and you feel you would like to be tested, please contact us and we will put you on our accreditation waiting list. Please only apply if you know what you are getting yourself in to and you have the necessary experience and training.


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So What Is The Process?

1. Initial Interview

2. Accreditation Process

3. Acceptance or Decline


You may then decide to move further with your development to achieving advanced levels.

Advanced Levels

Once fully accredited, there are further opportunities for advancement such as certification levels that require aspects of the following;

  • Personal Sittings
  • Written Examination
  • Blind, Double-Blind and Triple Blind Sittings
  • Written Examinations
  • Oral Examinations
Higher Levels Require
  • Thesis Study
  • Demonstration Exam

How Long Will Certification Take?

ASSMPI Certification can take a long time – anything from 6months to a couple of years. However, each stage is recorded in our own proprietary software and examination testing system.

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