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or those of you who do not know Robin Foy, he is not only an original founder of ASSMPI, but also the pioneer who was involved in the Infamous “Scole Experiment.” Robin is now heading a campaign to buy a local building in Spain and turn it into a Physical Mediumship Research center under ‘The Spiritual Science Foundation’. This of course is a massive undertaking and the financial cost is stated at being over 500,000.00 GBP to buy and refurbish this building.

Many fundraising events are taking place throughout the world including one being arranged by the ASSMPI. You can support the foundation by joining and donating to the project.

Our Spirit friends have indicated to my wife Sandra – and to me – for over 10 years now that our future would be linked to our starting and running a specialist Centre in Antequera. We have had constant messages about this from many evidential mediums over the years – including a series of amazing sittings with two Scottish Physical Mediums 10 years ago. It was only 4 years ago, however, that we realised exactly which property in Antequera our Spirit Team wanted us to use. We had been familiar with this property ourselves for 10 years – when it was a restaurant!!

The Foundation will be very important in the specialist field of Physical Mediumship and its phenomena. As far as I am aware, the Centre (which will be purchased, refurbished and run by the Spiritual Science Foundation) will be the only one of its kind in the world, concentrating mainly on the Scientific Study of; the Development of; the Demonstration of and the Education about Physical Mediumship and its phenomena in the two different ways of working: 1) Ectoplasmic-based phenomena and 2) Energy-based phenomena.

Let me remind you of the current ‘Officers’ of the non-profit Foundation:

President: Robin Foy (me – living in Spain)
Vice-President: Kai Muegge (international physical medium living in Germany)
Chairman: Giovanni Formosa (living in Spain)
Secretary: Alison Formosa (living in Spain)
Treasurer: Sandra Foy (living in Spain)

Other additional ‘Officers’ may be appointed later.

All of us are working hard at the moment to enhance the fundraising as much as possible on many fronts. The available funds are currently comparatively small, but more is coming in on a regular basis, and there are a couple of large donations and/or payments in the pipeline that will help us to finance the purchase of the Centre in Antequera, Andalucía, Spain. Here is the current breakdown of funds at this moment in time:

Donations on the ‘Justgiving’ crowdfunding site: ………….. £2,697 GB Pounds (€2,900 Euros approx.)
Donations from early funding – 3 years ago: ………….. € 379 Euros
Membership fees to date: ………….. €1,735 Euros
Donations in Cash to date: ………….. € 670 Euros
TOTAL: ………………………………..€5,684 Euros

You can help us by encouraging your families, friends and colleagues to support us – both with direct donations to the ‘justgiving’ site, and by passing on details to others:
Help raise £500000 to purchase and refurbish an International Centre for Spiritual Scientific Research into Physical Mediumship and its public Demonstration

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