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ASSMPI Membership

The first thing to understand is that Accreditation and Certification are two completely different aspects of the ASSMPI. Accreditation simply means that you have reached the required level to become a member of the assmpi through achieving base requirements. Certification is then opened to the accredited individuals. From 2016 Certification will take 3 years to achieve each level – meaning the individual will enter at their appropriate level depending on experience and evaluation. Then each level lasts for one year prior to moving forward. The benefits of becoming a member is tremendous and open to any medium or developing medium who wishes to develop the highest possible ethical standards and professionalism in mediumship. However, one does not have to be a medium to apply for membership of the ASSMPI.

Path To Certification and Continual Development

Our accreditation process is very unique and involves various stages including and not limited to; Interviews, Submission of Evidence, Science Research Tests and Examinations. One would first reach the accreditation stage in whatever category suits and then moves forward to certification. Depending on your experience, stage of development and professional history – will determine at which stage in the process you will enter to.


As aforementioned, our processes are wide and varied and a medium who opts to go through the process of certification will have to undergo blind sittings, public testing, written work and sending a portfolio of evidence. The sittings are arranged at mutually convenient times and before any sitting, certain security protocols must be met. The medium will then be tested under scientific conditions with no knowledge of the sitter and only a security protocol activating the sitting.

Furthermore, when you become a certified member, you will have the opportunity to achieve further standards by moving forward in an evidential process. This then will be awarded when certain criteria is fulfilled. There will be many changes to the testing in 2016 as we are adding more levels and standards.

As a developing medium, you are not precluded from membership, but you will have a long period of testing, development and learning. This is something that we take pride in and our mediums and teachers are happy to walk that path with you. Consider that you have a support system that wants the best for you. In order to raise the standards of mediumship, we have to support our mediums and developing mediums.

If you are a professional medium and have a verifiable history and can be supported in your membership process, you are eligible to apply for membership. If you continue on the certification process, you will be put through a series of tests, exams and investigations over a period of time. Raising the standards of mediumship starts with your step forward.

Researchers are an important part of the ASSMPI and without researcher, we could not delve into new levels of afterlife research. If you would like to be considered as an ASSMPI researcher, contact us with your full resume.

We enjoy working closely with other research organizations and professional organizations. We affiliate with suitable organizations who follow the same standards and direction as ourselves.

Healing is a very important aspect of our work and though we are mostly focussed on afterlife research, we do have a healing division that is set to develop standards in healing modalities. Please contact us for further information.

The ASSMPI is dedicated to helping churches affiliate with us to ensure standards in mediumship, training and ministry are maintained whilst protecting the integrity of our mediums and the public.

If you are a developing medium that has a development circle and you would like to get accredited as a circle or development group, then you also have that opportunity. This is not certification but offers you a safe place to grow and learn from likeminded individuals. Our accreditation process for this is simpler and involves a number of steps including having an agreement of practices laid down which all agree to and sign the requisite release. This is something new that is under development to offer a safe place for groups to grow and learn and our requirements are currently being developed, which also includes safe practices. Please contact us to discuss this or fill in the form to begin the accreditation process.


The ASSMPI is one of the most professional and fastest growing organizations dedicated to raising the standards in mediumship and afterlife research. The organization is a 501 c3 charity and is now operating in several countries worldwide, with a massive network, which is growing daily. We are not only dedicated to raising the standards in mediumship, but dedicated to offering a support infrastructure to help develop and protect our mediums throughout the world. The ASSMPI has already helped in several international cases.

The first thing you need to do is to fill out the assmpi application form with as much information as possible. Our membership Director or Country Manager will begin the process with you.

We understand this would worry anyone, but should you fail then you will not be abandoned. You will have the opportunity to be helped and guided by a member of the ASSMPI to ensure that you reach the standards as laid down by the ASSMPI.

There is a small 50 usd per year fee for professional members. The only other thing you would ever pay for is if we ran workshops in various areas and even then, funds go to support the Charity and external good will organizations.

Our standards are always in development and as a new charity, we have taken this aspect of our work very seriously. These standards or governing practices are developed by many Individuals including researchers, scientists, mediums and Lay persons. This is to ensure that each set of standards for mediumship, organizations, churches and researchers that we set forth are balanced and fair for all concerned. As you can imagine, a task of this magnitude takes a great deal of time and effort from many volunteers. Each of these will be published online for private perusal.

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