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Certified Seals

Certificate Seals

There are several ASSMPI seals that are indicative of what standard a medium has entered based on the evidence that has been given and the tests that have been completed. It must be noted that each standard that bears the appropriate seal does not mean the medium is better than another. It is simply a certified level that is awarded based on the experience, demonstration and evidential prowess displayed within the tests or the portfolio sent in to be reviewed.

Should the ASSMPI standards committee make a decision as to what level the medium is at and it is not what one would expect; This does not mean failure and a written report of what the medium could work on to improve will be given – not in order to chastise but to help the medium achieve greater standards within their study and practice of mediumship.

Each medium is tested over time and under varied conditions. The results of which are monitored by several trusted and experienced individuals in mediumship. This information is deliberated, discussed and a conclusion reached by the appropriate committee.

The following is a breakdown of what each level is expected.

Accreditation – This is the level where one has been accepted to the assmpi and has shown the requisite standard to become an accredited member. At this level, the medium should begin to prepare for the certification process.

Bronze – A medium at this level is expected to have a good grasp of mediumship, its basics, and general mechanics and can adequately deliver messages. However, The evidence at this level may not be strong and the medium may or may not be polished in delivery. This is evident by the examples and communicative standards shown. The medium at this level has certainly reached a higher level of professionalism than untrained and unpolished mediums in the public eye and will certainly be able to deliver acceptable messages at this level with varying degrees of acceptable evidence.

Silver – A silver certified medium would have extensive training and demonstrate a high level of accuracy and give a polished delivery. The evidence displayed would be strong and communication fluid with very little mix and match in terms of information. The medium will not give general statements and continually ask questions. At this level, a medium will show high standards of ethics and will be able to demonstrate a high level of judgment in the delivery of the message. The medium will show a high standard of etiquette and would have been formally tested at various levels of testing, including public demonstration and private client work.

Gold – A gold standard medium will have gone through extensive testing, will have demonstrated superior historical knowledge of mediumship and its mechanics. A gold standard medium will be able to demonstrate the highest standards of evidential mediumship to include clear relationships and given particulars of the communicator and those on the other side of life. Evidential mediumship will be clear and distinguishable from other levels with very little padding around the delivery of the message to the sitter. The medium will also have achieved the highest level of ethics within their dealings both in public and private. At this level, the medium will have extensive experience in demonstrating publicly or within church environments.  

Every Medium within the ASSMPI has the ability to continue developing and achieving the next certified level after completing the required period of study and testing. A medium must remain at the awarded level for a minimum of 1 year and is expected to further develop as well as taking exams and certification tests. A medium is not allowed to fast track through the levels, but dependent upon the level of entry may move to a higher level. 

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